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Futron Philosophy

About Us

We work with our Customers to ensure they have an affordable, practical and sustainable IT roadmap to meet and drive their business needs.

Our Journey

Since 2004. Futron has helped fulfill SMEs’ needs in terms of email/web hosting, internet broadband, office network setup, IT security and daily office equipment & software. We strive to ensure business and IT gels whenever possible as ICT should always be viewed as an value-added enabler to any company instead of just simply an operational expense tool.

Our Vision

Futron aims to be the No.1 ICT System Integrator for SMEs with each site less than 25 employees. For any consultancy and/or implementations, we aim only to achieve 3 key objectives: (1) Improve and/or facilitate efficient communications; (2) Improve and/or strengthen trust & (3) achieve desired efficiency to meet business objectives.