Modern Your Business

With the Right Mindset, Approach and Tools 

Few Businesses Get Digitalisation Right

That’s because the focus is either on the customer, the staff, the Management but never inclusive of every single stakeholders. Everyone will be willing to compromise as long as each gets what they REALLY want.

Check out the following video to see if you have transited to a modernised business.

Digitalisation is all about Achieving a State where Everything Works Seamlessly

It’s not as tough as it sounds but not as easy to achieve, without the right mindset, tools & approach.

It’s not just an ideal philosophy but an achievable goal.

Our Approach

At Futron, we believe every business needs a Digital Programme Office (DPO) to capture challenges and ideas readily. As Business Mentor, Collaborator and Partner, we work with Customers to sieve out suitable use case(s) to conduct Proof-of-Concepts to validate the .

Common Business Issues Observed

Despite Digitalisation, in fact even after Multiple Times

Repetitive & Manual Tasks still Exist, Aplenty

There seems to be more data entry work involved after digitalisation. Number of hours spend on task doesn't seem to be reduced. More resources seemed to be required.

Teams Continue to Operate in Silos

Tools tipped to promote collaboration not only do not deliver the promise but in fact introduce inflexible ways of working.

Inflexible IT Systems Limits Possibilities

True be told, an integrated system is not the way to go. It's expensive to maintain and every customisation to be made comes at a cost. In the end, system becomes irrelevant due to cost.

IT Investment & Expenditure Increases

Not just that, the business seems to require more IT manpower to service the users, but never enough. Internal IT support cases are rising and turnaround time is long.

Transition to A Modern Business is Not Difficult and May Not be as Expensive as Your Current Digitalisation Efforts

It is important to focus on the objectives and key goals you wish to achieve

Key Attributes of a Modern Business

Technology is Only an Enabler.

With today’s technology advancement, businesses no longer needs to make big IT investment to gain competitive advantage.

Change Your Mindset about Technology, How You Can Use It to Drive the Desired Business Outcome You Seek.