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Consumer Purchase Behavior has Changed

With the Covid-19 pandemic, consumer purchasing behavior has changed and more, whether businesses or end consumers, are procuring online. It is not just important to place your business on the digital world, but also enable them to browse and transact seamlessly online. Even if you are not selling, you will need to put your catalog online to make your products available for everyone to find you.

Today’s eCommerce store shouldn’t be just a website with a shopping cart.

A modern all-in-one eCommerce store should include the following:

Multiple Sales Channel integration

Online Store
Facebook Live


Discount and Promotion
Voucher code
Reward credit
Email Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Marketing Blog
Social Media Marketing
Product Recommendation
Referral Program

Order Processing

Order Sync: Sales Channel to Online Store
New order notifications
Packing slip generation
Order Fulfillment with 3rd party logistics
Order Status update for Customers
Order cancellation & restock
Abandoned cart recovery
Payment refund

Product Management

Inventory Sync
Product Collections
Product Bulk Editor
Product Options and Variants
Product Scheduling
Product Description Template
Low Stock Alert

Customer Management

Customer Information Repository
Customer Groups
Broadcast via SMS, Email & Messenger
One-click checkout for repeated orders
Chat Box
Customer Credit

Business Analytics

Sale Channel Performance
Repeat Purchases Report
Top-Selling Products Report
Average Order Value Report
Website Traffic Report
Google Analytics integration
Facebook Pixel integration

If your current eCommerce store covers all of the above, you should be doing pretty well. If your store is not and you are looking to see which area can be improve, feel free to contact us for a quick chat.

For businesses whom are doing B2B, if the above eCommerce store is not applicable, you may wish to explore having a WordPress eCatalog Website instead.

If you are already using WordPress, we will only need to install a suitable plugin for you and create the 1st catalog listing for a small fee. You will be able to upload the rest of the catalog yourself.

For more details, do contact us for more details.