the perfect solution for SMEs

IT is simply too complex for SMEs

We understand perfectly the challenges you face when implementing IT in your business, especially small businesses.


Do you face issue looking for the right person for the job? Support Engineer, Web Designer, Network Engineer, Server Administrator? Actually you need a team of people.

IT Policy

As Covid-19 pushes more companies to tele-commuting, work from home arrangement is pushing how staff can be adequately supported. Are your IT policies still relevant?

Data Privacy

With the new Personal Data Protection (Amendment) Bill 2020 passed on 2 Nov 2020, how prepared is you on the added accountability of all customer & staff data?  

Data Loss Protection

Is your company using digital services like Google Drive, One Drive or Sharepoint? Do you have visibility on how files are shared? How do you guard against malicious / accidental data leakages? Do you have an adequate backup policy for all your files?

Maintenance & Patching

Is your IT department measured by the number of cases they resolved or how your staff is able to resolve issues on their own? The biggest cyber security risk in IT arises from unpatched computers, servers & network devices. Do you have visibility now?


Work from Home has focused companies to relook IT. A capex model of having a centralised server in office for common access may no longer work as the office internet pipe becomes the single limiting factor for external access. Time to review an Opex Cloud operation model?


You no longer need to pay for a headcount in your company to manage IT. 

The All in One IT can cover services ranging from email/web hosting, anti-virus, data backup, accounting solution, hr & payroll solution, CRM solution, IT helpdesk and also the IT guy.

Just one price – for whole of IT

Managing IT never makes sense

IT is one of the most complicated things any business can deal with because there are too many layers – hardware, software, networking, internet, cyber security among others. Everyone is managing IT in silos and you will need a team to make everything work. 

With a Managed IT Service, we will be your one and only team required – putting in place all the services your business requires. For the salary of a typical IT guy or much much lesser, you will be surprised by the services you can get.

successful Digitalisation requires data-first governance

Going digital means putting more data online. It is paramount for companies to look at ways to properly manage all access and have full overview of all data flow. Rise in legal accountability means companies can no longer pretend cyber attack can never occur to them. It’s just a matter of when and a test of your remedial efforts. It’s time to take proactive steps to ensure all measures are in place and own full responsibility for all your data. Start your holistic protection through sound policies, effective cyber security & backup solutions.

Let the system & humans EACH do what they do best

In today’s world, it is not cost effective for businesses to hire ‘helpers’ in the company. Every employee has to have their own stake in their company based on the work that they are performing. The system should be the only ‘helper’ in the company as it is fast enough to relay any information to the required party and also beat anyone in churning out reports if the right data is being input. Put the right system in place and turn every employee in your company to be a contributor.

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