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Social Media Marketing – Finding ‘Like-minded’ Audience

It’s an Era of Followers

Social Media Marketing is now an essential outreach channel for all business due to the sheer number of users on almost every social media platform like Facebook, InstagramTwitterLinkedIn etc. Each platform has its unique user segment and it is highly essential that businesses do a bit of research before jumping into every platform. As resources are limited, it is essential to know where your competitors are, how well they are doing and then formulate your own strategy to craft your own space.

As the social media network is now too congested with too much content, organic reach for posts to your followers is now very much limited, compared as before. As such, the term ‘content marketing’ is now used more often than social media marketing since virality of content is what actually drive the reach of your posting to your followers and other potential users.

Facebook Eco-System 

Especially if you are doing FacebookInstagram and/or WhatsApp ad marketing, the Facebook Business Manager is an essential tool for you to link all these social media accounts under a single console. Using this platform, you can plan your adverts and monitor the performance across all platforms.

Another feature which is especially important will be Facebook Pixel. The Facebook pixel is a piece of code that you place on your website. It collects data that helps you track conversions from Facebook ads, optimize ads, build targeted audiences for future ads and remarket to people who have already taken some kind of action on your website. Always remember, viewing & clicking on your adverts are not the end goal. The main goal should always be leading them to a particular page on your website which you have a very specific call to action to assess the effectiveness of your advert.

With WordPress, this can be done easily. If you are able to execute the above, you should be able to monitor the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts and refine them accordingly to yield your desired results.

Why your Social Media Marketing Strategy may not be working

If your marketing efforts are not working well, try to answer the below questions:

  •           Are you stretching yourself too thin by being on too many platforms? If so, which ones are working for you and which are not. Put those under-performing one aside for now.
  •           Do you have a specific objective for each social media channel you are on? Do you know that they may be different in nature and should be used correctly to achieve the right results?
  •           Are your followers or potential customers interacting with your posting? Are your posting merely informative or do they prompt them to engage with you?
  •           Do you have different call for actions for different advert campaigns? As much as we want sales but difficult to achieve within deeper engagement, are you able to get them to leave you their contact details so you can engage them in the future?

Last but not least, do note that your adverts need at least 50 engagements before more people can see it. Hence, sufficient budget is required to ensure you hit magic figure 50. Else, your advert will just be like the physical flyer which gets distributed in thousands but with very little returns.


Feel free to engage us if you need some 3rd party advice. We’ll assess what’s currently done and see how to move your business forward.