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Website is the 1st Door on the Digital Space to Your Business

Website is essentially a business’s most important asset in the digital world. It’s usually the first interaction any potential customer will engage with your business especially if you are not a brick-and-mortar business like a retail store. The 1st impression of your company is established there and then. Hence, it’s critical to make sure you have sufficient information listed on your website to drive interested customers to contact you.


Creating a website is very easy now especially with open-source content management system like Wordpress, you would likely not require programming knowledge to build up a simple site. Also, the Wordpress eco-system is a vibrant marketplace. There are many plugins from 3rd party developers which you can pay or install for free to extend your website features.

Biggest issue with Wordpress – Familiarity

The key challenge that a lot of business have with their Wordpress CMS is that they do not have a guided framework to go about with their website creation & maintenance, hence finding the whole process complicated and cumbersome.

Below are some of the challenges most businesses complained to us:

  1. What should I look out for when choosing a theme? Are there are specific criteria?
  2. What is the difference between Page and Post? How should I segregate my content?
  3. What image size should I be using? Do I need to prepare different sizes for different purposes?
  4. What are the plugins I can install to make my website creation process more seamless for a DIY approach?
  5. Do I need to install a security plugin to secure my website?
  6. How can I boost my SEO ranking?
  7. How can I better understand how my website is doing?
  8. How much does it really cost to build a website? And for a Wordpress website?

If you have no problem with the above challenges, you should be doing quite fine with your Wordpress website. However, if you do not have the answers for some of them, feel free to contact us for a quick chat and we’ll see how best we can help.

#1 Issue with Website – Traffic Flow

The #1 issue we see for most customers is website not getting the desired traffic flow. In fact, if nobody is visiting your website, why bother spending thousands of dollars on a ‘white elephant’ in the first place. Hence, besides building a website, it’s critical to setup proper monitoring to review the traffic flow, or lack of it, and see how to improve.

#2 Issue with Website – No Clear Call-to-Action

Another major problem we observe from most websites is the lack of concrete call for action. It is not enough for people to just visit your website. You must have a mechanism in place for them to leave you their contacts so you can engage them in the future. Without which, your website is merely mirroring the physical flyer you receive while walking the street, which you will throw away when you see a bin. Always make sure you have something which they will find valuable to leave you their contacts. The main essence of any digital asset is to help the business build their customer list. Never forget this.

Rise of ‘Single-Page’ Website

To resolve the issue and reduce the initial capital investment, we believe in designing good ‘single page’ websites with the most critical information that drives engagement with your audience. In today’s context, especially a mobile centric world, if users don’t find what they want on the 1st page, they will leave and never come back. Also, if your website is not mobile friendly, you are going to lose at least 30%-40% of audience as bounced. So, we recommend to start with a ‘single-page’ site with optimised content and monitoring as a starting point, before developing your website further.

How much does it cost?

So, now for the million-dollar question, how much does it cost to build your Wordpress website? At Futron, we go by a per webpage model. The 1st page will cost $120, if you do not have existing plugins which we require so we can purchase and install on your website.  We will advise you why the plugins are recommended to be purchase so you can do any updates on your own in the future. Subsequent pages will cost $80 each. Wordpress is free and usually can be installed from the Cpanel of your hosting plan. If your hosting provider do not provide this, feel free to check out our hosting packages and do a migration to our hosting platform. The cost is not expensive, if you treat it as designing a poster which can be used permanently.

Don’t forget website security & maintenance

Lastly, website creation is just one part of the whole story. A website will need to be monitored for potential attacks, patching of vulnerabilities and potentially remedial works if the website has been compromised. If you need help in this area, do contact us for more details. 

So, wait no further and build your compelling website today, with us.